Additionally to standard individual practice, which costs 35 EUR, we have conducted an offer on more favorable terms, making individual basketball training more accessible. Given the positive experiences and feedback so far with two or more students working together, in addition to the usual one-on-one coaching, one coach is also able to train multiple students at the same cost:

  • 1 student practice fee is 35,00 Eur per practice;
  • 2 students practice together, the training fee is 30,00 Eur per student;
  • The practice fee for 3 students together is 25,00 Eur per student;
  • The practice fee for 4 students is 20,00 Eur per student.

Such training is a great opportunity for team members, brothers and sisters to train together.

Mentoring program:

  • 1st level (Pro Mentorship) – 400€
  • 2nd level (Enhanced mentoring) – 275€
  • 3rd level (Individual mentoring) – 170€
  • 4th level (Online mentorship) – 95€