The Individual Skills Basketball School has been in business since 2011. While working with our students over the years, we have come to a conclusion that closer contact between the student and the coach is needed to maximize results. Just attending individual practices few times a month is not enough.

In order to increase the productivity of the individual sessions and to achieve the highest results, the individual coach must observe his or her student’s game and create a training plan based on what they see. Filming games and drills, preparing video analysis and discussing it with the student will directly contribute to the student’s overall understanding of their game and basketball in general. In our opinion, it is very important to ensure that the coach of your choice is in charge and informed of all the individual activities of the student. This provides logical and incremental progress as the coach can follow the training plan developed together with the student’s basketball team coach.

After years of experience, we have noticed that it is important for every student and his or her parents to always have someone to turn to when they have questions. It is very important to feel that the coach is always on the sidelines and is involved in student’s life both on and off the basketball court. Individual coach has to recognize when the student needs additional motivation to reach the goals.

We have developed a unique, unprecedented new and specific program in Latvia that provides the necessary activities and processes for successful athlete growth. This program enables students to have a full-time individual coach and mentor in one person who follows the student on a daily basis through sports school, school, personal development, working in close connection with parents and sports school coaches who follow the student’s health condition and make recommendations.