We provide intense and focused work followed by rapid and logical progress. We pay attention to every detail and nuance in the practice process.

We Offer:

  • Individual basketball practices (one coach works with one student, four at most if the student level of skills is approximately the same).

The coach identifies the basketball skills and abilities that the student should work on the most. By agreeing on the amount and frequency of practices, action plan to improve specific basketball skills is developed and work is arranged accordingly.

Basketball drills we offer:

  • Dribbling drills;
  • Shooting drils;
  • Defence drills;
  • etc.

We develop individual training program when there is clear attendance schedule that the student and coach have both agreed on. This way the coach can carefully develop the practice plan and deliver faster results.

We Offer:

  • Building a training week and month (microcycle);
  • Building a training term and year (macrocycle).

Our team of coaches is ready to take videos and analyze video footage captured by them or sent in by the student.

We Offer:

  • Filming the game;
  • Filming the game and providing analysis;
  • Video analysis together with coach;
  • Providing analysis of a video that has been sent in by the student;
  • Taking video from the practice and providing analysis;
  • Preparing video recap with all the best episodes of the season.

    (Discount is applied when ordering several items at once)

Our staff consists of professional coaches who have coached both amateur and professional players. There are coaches who have played basketball professionally.  These specialists are willing to share their experience and answer all your questions.

We Offer:

  • Individual Consulting in person;
  • Individual Consulting via Skype.

By collaborating and sharing experiences with other schools and organizations both in Latvia and abroad, we have the opportunity to help our students find schools where they can both play basketball and gain general education. We have established contacts in Latvia, Europe and USA. Currently, we have helped several of our students settle in US colleges and receive free tuition.

We also help professionals find teams on a regular basis. We provide them with a high quality coaching process and create videos to send to potential teams.

We organize various basketball events to promote basketball on a regular basis. We would like to give any basketball organization, anywhere in Latvia or in the world, the opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of our work. Share experience and get information on the latest working methods.

Every year we organize at least two camps in one of Latvia’s cities.

We organize seminars and lectures with the participation of high-level specialists, where the participants are introduced to the current events in the training process, the importance of healthy nutrition and physiotherapy in professional sports.

For those who want to see what the individual work really means, we offer an open workout.

Finally, the “Skills Challenge” is the best way to test your individual skills by competing against other competitors.

We Offer:

  • Camps;
  • Seminars, lectures;
  • Open trainings;
  • Skills challenges.